New patients will be turning to your pharmacy for a COVID-19 vaccine over the past few months. For many patients, this may be their first experience with your pharmacy. Now that you have a captive audience, are you utilizing every opportunity to showcase your pharmacy’s value? How do you convert a one-time vaccine consultation into a long-term relationship with a patient? Do your vaccine patients know about your vitamin selection or packaging services? Get intentional on messaging your value whether it’s on the phone, in your drive-thru, at a clinic, or online. NCPA’s Bri Morris, Senior Director of Program Development, and Gabe Trahan, Senior Director of Store Operations and Marketing, will hand you simple ideas to quickly implement in your practice for building long-term growth and success.

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  • Gabe Trahan, NCPA Senior Director of Store Operations and Marketing
  • Bri Morris, NCPA Senior Director of Program Development



Sharing Your Value Beyond a Vaccine
Sharing Your Value Beyond a Vaccine- Video
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